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  • Strength through Cooperation
    IACP Net facilitates the cooperation and dynamic exchange of solutions between law enforcement professionals to help them become better leaders. More than 1,700 agencies and 4,000 users log in to IACP Net to obtain the resources they need.

    "You don't reinvent the wheel when somebody's got it right. We use IACP Net for guidelines for our general orders and search weekly for grant opportunities."

    — Chief of the Alton, New Hampshire, Police Department
  • Strictly Business
    Dedicated to police business only, IACP Net is the secure and reliable information source for law enforcement professionals.

    IACP Net respects your privacy and your time. You can rely on IACP Net to find the information you need quickly and easily, free from pop-up advertisements and unsolicited emails. IACP Net has been your one-stop shop for law enforcement information since 1991.

  • Designed for Leadership
    IACP Net is specifically designed to meet your unique needs as a leader in law enforcement. Nearly 80 percent of IACP Net users are command staff within their department, and nearly half of IACP Net users are deputy chiefs, sheriffs, or chiefs.

    Managers of research and planning, training, grants, and procedures also utilize IACP Net to take charge of their time and find the solutions they need. Expand your leadership network by joining IACP Net today.

  • Effective Research
    IACP Net's dedicated team of information professionals verify content and post executive summaries for each document to speed up your search and ensure accuracy. IACP Net members quickly scan search results with confidence in the quality of the content.

    IACP Net helps you become a more efficient and effective law enforcement leader–a great benefit to your agency and community. Not an IACP Net member? Take a tour to see what IACP Net can do for you.