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March 15, 2018    |    Vol. 14, No. 2
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–Sheriff David Shoar, St. Johns County, Florida, Sheriff's Office

Sheriff David Shoar, St. Johns County, Florida, Sheriff's Office

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Use of Force in Crisis
In situations where an individual is in a medical or psychiatric crisis, law enforcement officers often are the first on scene. Sometimes the caller explains the situation, but in other cases, they simply report that an individual is disruptive and destructive. In recent years, several cases in Kentucky and the Sixth Circuit have provided guidance for officers.
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Light Duty Policy
The purpose of this policy is to inform employees of the department's policy and procedure for employees placed on light duty status.

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Grant - Hate Crimes
NIJ is seeking research and evaluation related to hate crime perpetration and victimization. The purpose of this solicitation is to support research and evaluation to: 1) understand the motivations and pathways to hate crime offending; 2) determine whether programs targeted at hate crime offenders are effective at reducing reoffending; 3) determine whether programs that work with victims of hate crimes and their communities are effective at reducing the harms caused by hate crimes; and 4) provide information that will improve investigative and prosecutorial outcomes.
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Asset Inventory Software
I am looking for an inventory software to inventory every asset my department has to include office furniture, police equipment, and vehicles. I would like one that produces a bar code sticker so I can mark items already inventoried.

Digital Cameras
I am looking for suggestions for digital cameras for my patrol officers. We assign one to each car and download the pictures upon return to the office. Does anyone have any suggestions for something easy to use that is durable?
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