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January 16, 2018    |    Vol. 14, No. 1
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–Chief Jeff, Ledford, Shelby, North Carolina, Police Department

Chief Jeff, Ledford, Shelby, North Carolina, Police Department

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Under Attack: Situational Awareness Key in Avoiding, Surviving Ambushes
McCracken County Deputy Jerry Jones' situational awareness was key in saving his life during a domestic violence call in March 2014. Thanks to training and his situational awareness, Jones went home to his family that night. Many law enforcement officers across the nation haven't been as fortunate as the McCracken County deputy.
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Social Media
This policy establishes this department's position on the utility and management of social media and provides guidance on its management, administration, and oversight. This policy is not meant to address one particular form of social media, rather social media in general, as advances in technology will occur and new tools will emerge.

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Grant - Campus Sexual Assault
The Office of Violence Against Women offers grants to reduce sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking on campus.
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Video Door Bell Companies
Has any agency been able to partner with a video door bell company to get more involved in your community? We are looking at the ways to help identify residential burglars who first ring door bells to check on residents being home or gypsies who start off ringing door bells to distract the elderly.

Snow Chain Policy
I am looking to add a section regarding adding snow chains to our vehicle policy. I am looking for an example regarding any policy that instructs officers on the use of snow chains on tires. Thanks.
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