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November 15, 2017    |    Vol. 13, No. 6
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–Deputy Chief Donald Glandon, Roseville, Michigan, Police Department

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How to Work With Fire Rescue
By the nature and demands of the job, law enforcement officers often find themselves crossing over into other fields. One such field is emergency medical or fire services, which is the primary realm of fire rescue. Because there can only be one tip of the spear, problems arise when both agencies are on scene trying to accomplish their individual objectives.
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Crowd Management and Civil Disturbances
The purpose of this policy is to establish guidelines for managing crowds and preserving the peace during lawful demonstrations and unlawful civil disturbances.

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Funding - from the listing of public and private grants
Grant - First Responders
Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation grants funding to first responders. Funding areas include the following: life-saving equipment, prevention education, scholarships and continued education, and disaster relief.
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City Ordinance
Our department wants to draft an ordinance that constitutionally bans items that are potential officer safety hazards from protestors. Does anyone have an ordinance in place that would prohibit at rallies, demonstrations, and public assemblies, items such as, metal pipes, swords, torches with an open flame, bricks, signs that are not made out of soft material or thin cardboard, and shields made of wood, metal or hard plastic?

Evidence Disposition Policy
Does anyone have policy that puts the responsibility for coordinating evidence disposition on the officer/detective assigned the case? If you do, I certainly would appreciate a copy.
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